Your galloping arrival was anticipated,

As would a normal year

With ululation and jubilation

And choreographed sparklers

We let you in, embracing you

Just like a normal year

With hope and customary pledges

We spread messages of joy

As we hopped and skipped

Nourished by liquids frosty, sweet and sour

Armed with our contrived gusto,

You let us saunter into your lulling arms

Before you set on us your madness in March

Mixing a truce for Congo with killer chemicals in Syria!

In you the Filipinos saw a binomial fiend


Like the legendary Armageddon,

Smothered souls and fields

Tumultuous you chose to be

Wearing your ugly grimace

You visited pain on the man that sired me

By harvesting his peers and two siblings!

To further nourish your insatiable proclivity,

You set your agent upon my best friend’s mum

And took with you our beloved Madiba!

As you exited

You dashed back for yet another friend’s mum

To increase your irrational count

Of a marauding slayer you had become

Out, out hideous year!

2013 was such an ugly year

Make haste fourteen

A number too foul has this thirteen been!