If I could sing

I would sing of a jewel

Whose dazzling splendour

Is the lovely melody that carries that song

I would

Of a wave of joy and nervousness

That swept through my veins

With every smile, with every blink of your eye

I would sing of that force

Like a rumbling quake

That upended my self-assuredness

Unspeaking me!

I would sing

Of that jumbled up ramble

That formed my speech

And of my staggered brain

That absconded its duty

When called upon to impress


If only I could sing

I would sing of the immense beauty in your heart

Radiant and simple

As you smiled through it all, reassuring me

If I could write and let it ring

I would write and have me sing

A better song than this little wish

A song of precious moments to relish

A song of exuberance, a coo of a joyful dove

A melody of a sprouting within, a song of love

If only I could sing

I would sound this lovely jingle

Of that boyish experience in the jungle