They said they came to stop the blatant theft

Of voices of citizens once their foes had left

They said they came to end a dominion

So you and I could have an opinion

They said they sought to end political prisons

But made our homes prisons for ridiculous reasons

They said they came to stop the wanton killing

But now do it on camera and find it thrilling

They said they bore arms to free us all

But took our freedom and made us small

With laws that gag and guns that scare

They’ve forced the helpless to turn to prayer

They shoot to kill and, rarely, to maim

And hope that fear will make us tame

They said they came to stop the cars

That took folks away and left us scars

The infamous panda gari, they promised to banish

But now shout, “get in the car!” ere they vanish!

                                                                                                                          In Celebration of World Poetry Day